ECommerce application development

We offer ECommerce or Online Store Design & Development using Magento Open Source Platform. We have team of Magento Developer PLUS certified engineers. Our team has worked over 30+ Magento stores in Community and Enterprise edition for B2B and B2C application. Our service range from Magento Integration including theme and Design, Configuration, Customization of Magento features, Creating Extensions and Synchronizing Back office with 3rd party Softwares.

Apart from Theme Design, Development and Integration we have done following highlighting work for our client over past 7+ years.

payment modules

  • Developed Payment Module for Rate-In-Rete Payment Gateway Integration for European Countries.
  • Developed Payment Module for GoCoin Gateway to allow using Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dougecoin.
  • Developed Payment Module for GoPayWin Gateway to allow using Digital Currency and Credit Cards (Magento 1 and 2).
  • Developed Payment Module for Veritran VTDirect (Magento 2).
  • Developed Payment Module for Doku payment gateway (Magento 2).
  • Magento API (REST/WSDL using OAuth) Customization and Integration with Mobile apps or 3rd party apps..

Product & Order management

  • Module which calls API provided by "Audiobizz" and Create/Update/Delete Products in Magento.
  • Module which download huge XMLs from "Nedis" and Create/Update/Delete Products in Magento.
  • Module for "Dropshiping" order synchronization with Nedis warehouse.
  • Module for live and periodic two way synchronization of Magento Orders and its status with Wics.
  • Developed module for Order Synchronization with SAP.
  • Developed module for 2 way synchronization of Order with "Advantage ERP".
  • Module to Export Order in Various Formats
  • Module to Export Order for vendors

custom modules for clients

  • Implemented Spinx/Lucene Search.
  • Loyalty Program with Membership Card generation and Epicore API Integration.
  • Generating Customized Giftcards with Barcode and QR Code.
  • Reference rewards and Reward Voucher creation and Printing.
  • Price Tipping Scale for Products (Price Increased/Decrease after certain percent of stock is sold).
  • Customer Acquisition with help of Integration of Contactology.
  • Concerige - place where customer and site owners shared product ideas.
  • Document reader to display documents in book pages style (for News and Events).

Extensions we developed

  • Store/Dealer Locator.
  • TrackPixel - Fire fully configurable Track Pixels on product pages, category listing, user registration and visits, orders
  • SEO Optimization of Product and Category URLs by creating SEO Friendly URLs and Sitemaps.
  • Service Request/RMA.
  • Simplified Customer Group discounts.
  • Logging Module using Log4PHP to log in various mediums and alert system admins in case of critical breakdowns.
  • Creating Marketplace (Sale of products by Multiple Vendors)
  • Placing Bulk Orders from Same page (B2B Specific)
  • Creating XML, CVS feed files of Product for Google, Bing, eBay etc marketplace

Apart from the above mentioned ECommerce apps there are several applications and plugins developed by our team. All applications cannot be displayed due to some constraints and confidentiality.